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After all studies way to approximating qibla direction with help of the sun, we will try by seeing star, from all place of earth. How?
Universal Scheme which I am create will remain be applied, but there are some term again in order to be known.

Ah, confused! Stars are in the sky, aren't they!? *protest*
Correct, therefore you requires GP or Geographic Position.

GP (Geographic Position)
GP meaning of its easy to be projection of star on the surface of earth. Imagines is just a bee flying under lamp, its shadow in floor we would name GP of Bee. The consequence is GP changing every time, shifts always eastward to west (because rotation of earth (?).. sky? hmm.. who is actually rotary? :) .

Celestial Coordinate Systems
By the astronomers, The stars mapped in co-ordinate as does earth co-ordinate, named with Dec (Declination; same as earth's latitude) and RA (Right Ascension; analogous with earth's Meridian). For Example Co-Ordinate Betelgeuse is Dec: 7°246'N, RA: 5:55:38

Because rotation effect of earth, hence star that is impressing rotary eastward to West if seen from earth. Therefore, astronom–navigator– what relies on determination of position of based on sky objects *like me :P * requires other co-ordinate to be attributed to earth. Dec (Declination) beyond question equal to Latitude. What with Right ascension?

Right ascension is calculated to starts from a ”place” in the sky named Vernal Equinox, is like the things of Meridian agreed on started from Greenwich).

Earth Co-Ordinate Systems and Celestial Coordinate Systems are two different coordinate systems. What merging it?

Co-Ordinate GP= Dec, GHA ( Greenwich Hour Angle)

Geographic Position always moves, After passing meridian Jakarta, few minutes then will pass New Delhi,…Mekkah, Greenwich,.. tomorrow jakarta again etc. This value will merge celestial co-ordinate and earth. Takes one places as universal directive; Meridian Greenwich, causing longitude GP value of celestial object is named GHA, Greenwich Hour angle. GHA is angular value required by sky object for towards / leaves Meridian Greenwich. *Greenwich again...grrh…*

Meridian Value of Greenwich is 0, then shifted towards west. Rotated is full 360=0 again. So;
GHA 90° = Longitude 90° W
GHA 270°= Longitude 90° E

(I prefer to use term JHA, Jakarta Hour Angle, that ”more Indonesia”.. :P . But this term unknown in celestial navigation, besides becoming not universal again)
So now our is coordinate systems GP is Dec, GHA (not anymore Dec & RA or Latitude & Longitude). There are the formula;

GP shifts 1° to west every 4 minute and 1° to west every day

Only this formula which must be learned by heart. While assessing Dec (Declination) relatively stable.

Hereunder GP co-ordinate list tables of stars. Directive date of 21 Marchs 2008 hours 1200 GMT. If you accustomed decumbent to sky, star recommended for celestial navigation of this possible sky have been old stuff?

Acamar = Dec:40°16.4'S, GHA:314°44.1 '
Achernar = Dec:57°11.8'S, GHA:334°52.6 '
Acrux = Dec:63°08.7'S, GHA:172°36.1 '
Adhara = Dec:28°59.2'S, GHA:254°38.2 '
Albireo = Dec:27°58.3'N, GHA:66°36.8 '
Aldebaran= Dec:16°31.7'N, GHA:290°16.7 '
Alioth = Dec:55°54.7'N, GHA:165°45.9 '
Alkaid = Dec:49°16.0'N, GHA:152°23.9 '
Al Na'ir = Dec:46°55.2'S, GHA:27°11.5 '
Alnilam = Dec: 1°118'S, GHA:275°130 '
Alphard = Dec: 8°418'S, GHA:217°223 '
Alphecca = Dec:26°40.9'N, GHA:125°36.7 '
Alpheratz = Dec:29°08.2'N, GHA:357°10.7 '
Altair = Dec: 8°531'N, GHA:61°350 '
Ankaa = Dec:42°15.7'S, GHA:352°42.5 '
Antares = Dec:26°27.1'S, GHA:111°53.6 '
Arcturus = Dec:19°08.6'N, GHA:145°21.3 '
Atria = Dec:69°02.4'S, GHA:106°59.0 '
Avior = Dec:59°32.4'S, GHA:233°42.1 '
Bellatrix = Dec: 6°214'N GHA:277°589 '
Betelgeuse = Dec: 7°245'N, GHA:270°282 '
Canopus = Dec:52°42.2'S, GHA:263°20.5 '
Capella = Dec:46°00.7'N, GHA:280°03.1 '
Castor = Dec:31°52.4'N, GHA:245°35.3 '
Deneb = Dec:45°18.3'N, GHA:48°57.2 '
Denebola = Dec:14°31.4'N, GHA:181°59.8 '
Diphda = Dec:17°56.5'S, GHA:348°22.8 '
Dubhe = Dec:61°42.4'N, GHA:193°18.1 '
Elnath = Dec:28°37.0'N, GHA:277°40.3 '
Eltanin = Dec:51°28.8'N, GHA:90°10.6 '
Enif = Dec: 9°546'N, GHA:33°138 '
Fomalhaut = Dec:29°34.7'S, GHA:14°51.2 '
Gacrux = Dec:57°09.6'S, GHA:171°27.7 '
Gienah = Dec:17°35.4'S, GHA:175°18.7 '
Hadar = Dec:60°24.8'S, GHA:148°15.9 '
Hamal = Dec:23°30.2'N, GHA:327°28.3 '
Hose Australis = Dec:34°22.9'S, GHA:83°11.7 '
Kochab = Dec:74°06.9'N, GHA:136°41.1 '
Markab = Dec:15°14.8'N, GHA:13°05.3 '
Menkar = Dec: 4°073'N, GHA:313°420 '
Menkent = Dec:36°24.7'S, GHA:147°34.5 '
Miaplacidus = Dec:69°45.3'S, GHA:221°02.7 '
Mirfak = Dec:49°53.7'N, GHA:308°09.1 '
Nunki = Dec:26°17.2'S, GHA:75°25.9 '
Peacock = Dec:56°42.4'S, GHA:52°48.2 '
Polaris = Dec:89°17.2'N, GHA:320°21.1 '
Pollux = Dec:28°00.5'N, GHA:242°54.8 '
Procyon = Dec: 5°125'N, GHA:244°261 '
Rosalhague = Dec:12°33.0'N, GHA:95°32.7 '
Regulus = Dec:11°55.5'N, GHA:207°09.9 '
Rigel = Dec: 8°116'S, GHA:280°385 '
Rigil Kent = Dec:60°52.3'S, GHA:139°17.7 '
Sabik = Dec:15°44.3'S, GHA:101°39.6 '
Schedar = Dec:56°35.0'N, GHA:349°08.5 '
Shaula = Dec:37°06.6'S, GHA:95°49.8 '
Sirius = Dec:16°43.5'S, GHA:257°59.6 '
Spica = Dec:11°12.5'S, GHA:157°57.7 '
Suhail = Dec:43°28.2'S, GHA:222°17.8 '
Vega = Dec:38°47.0'N, GHA:80°04.4 '
Zuben el genubi = Dec:16°04.7'S, GHA:136°32.2 '

Software Navigator Light,
Note: There is names 'smells’ arabia because of course found by moslem astronomer.

Almost alike the sun object, mode of action based on star as follows:
1. Draws line from our co-ordinate towards Kaaba in Scheme. Mark with lines again in globe side its is impressing expressed from line before all.
2. Determines star trajectory (one or more) which we would make guidance according to line latitude/ the declination, & GHA hour 12 GMT according to date. Point of intersection between no1 with no2 that is which will show qibla direction.
3. Difference calculate between point of intersections with GHA.

Example of from Jakarta, will do observation of date of 1 januari 2008.
1. Draws line from co-ordinate jakarta (6°9'S, 106°51 'E) towards Kiblat. Mark with lines again in globe side its is impressing expressed from line before all.

2. Determines star trajectory wanted & have been recognized carefully, for example Bellatrix (including compatible of Orion). the GP Co-Ordinate = Dec: 6°214'N, GHA 277°589' (Sees Tables).

January 1st = 79 days before March 21th, value GHA shifts easterly becomes 198°589' (Remembers formula), this is 12.00 GMT. Plotting this coordinate point in scheme sheet (Sees guidance GHA green colour, 198°589' equivalent with earth coordinate 161°011' E).

3. Simply intersection at two points, that is GHA 280°00'E and 73°30'.

# Difference of Intersection I (GHA 280°00'E) from 'GHA 12 o'clock' is 81°011'towards west, or 324 minutes, or 5 hours 24 minutes after 12 o'clock, that is 1724 GMT. Changed to WIB….... 00.24 WIB.

# Difference of Intersection II (GHA 73°30'W) is 125°29'eastwards, or 502, or 8 hours 22 minutes before 12 o'clock GMT, or, that is 0338 GMT. Changed to local time became 1038 WIB. Noon has, the star 'closed by sunshine.

Please try other day, or same day but the other star. Or aliance between the sun observations and star. Example for April 2nd 2008 from Semarang:
The sun shows Qibla direction is 13:21 WIB, then
Betelgeuse= 1844 WIB.
Aldebaran= 1905 WIB.
Regulus=2348 WIB.
Denebola=0153 WIB.

Alhamdulillah, simply we can always corrects direction of direction from minute to minute.
Hopefully useful. Suggestion and criticism hardly is expected.

Naf'an Akhun

As does rotation of whirligig, top which ¨ lurchs¨ that is precession. requires time 26000 years. With existence of motion of precession, star star actually no ' stable’ at one's post his(its.
Position Of slow Vernal Equinox shifted to west, RA and Dec also changes 14 degrees every century or about friction of RA 1 minute every 20 years. Because of change of star co-ordinate in old time spread, hence the friction is for a while earns we to overrule.

1. Jason Harris and the KStars Team < kstars@30doradusorg>, Desktop Planetarium KStars Linux Knoppix 37.
3. Software Navigator Light,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Because the debate of Qibla direction angle for area Kobe (Japan) between me and Helfi Amalia via Yahoo Messenger which actually misunderstands; I am directive at number degree of compass (0-360°) while Helfi directive at degree of Kompas Kiblat (0-??), hence I plan to buy this peripheral (Qibla Compass) when having arrived at Jakarta later. that moment I insist that qibla direction from Kobe is 283,1° (or back Azimuth 76,9°) while Helfi also insists 1??° (I'm forget… (: P)). I surprised and vexed, why Qibla compass doesn't use common value in degree?

Alhamdulillah now this peripheral are on-hand. The value spread is simply 0-400, this named value CITY INDEX. In guide-book figured in as described way of usage and index numbers from various towns, for example as follows:

Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta, surabaya= 75
Japan Area = 100-105.

When Tip Of Compass needle in straightening with value City Index, hence arrow will show qibla direction.
So degree value of 0-360 equivalents with index value 0-400.

Now let's observe this Qibla compass:
Ordinary compass value (CC, 0-360) we would put on a par formerly with value Index Qibla compass Kiblat (QC, 0-400) harshly ( naked eye):
0° CC = 0 QC
90° CC= 100 QC
180°CC= 195 QC
270°CC= 295 QC

Qibla Direction from Jakarta, after corrected with Variation (= Magnetic Declination) shown by compass needle 294,36°, back azimuth 65,64°, this equivalent would (coincide) with value Index 73 (precisely 72,93. NOT 75 like the one written in guide-book). Calculation is more accurately as follows:

(65,64 x 400) / 360= 72,93

Qibla Direction in Kobe Jepang, back azimuth 62,4°, City Index value:

(62,4 x 400) / 360= 69,32 ( far below number 100 like the one as described in guidance).

Has numeral in City Index data has experienced rounding? I don't know. But I suggest is better to mentioned also its default value in order not to mislead.

1. Qibla Compass Guidance Value is not acurate, (if I don't want to be told is wrong and misleads). Especially if applied in this year ( 2008).
2. If Only Correctness guidance value, ought to there are notification is done correction per annum, because of existence of VARIATION compass to differ in every place & every time.
3. I suggest usage of Qibla scheme with help of SUN (open Download page). But if you do not want to be busy, I have listed correction of this value of City INDEX qibla compass for certain towns of Indonesia, be in the form of file PDF. Click and download here. (There is also Calendar Qibla direction based on the sun shadow).

Doesn't mean complicating situation but of course the above is true in reality. Requests correction if wrong.

Genghis Khun

1. Accurate Times
2. Mooncalc & Qiblacalc v1 by dr. Monzur Ahmed.
3. Distance & Bearing by Judson McCranie (
4. Calculator Online magnetic Declination
5. Topography Map of Indonesia


First night in Jakarta after ma month of living in part of Indonesia east, there is sorrow when decumbent of face faces sky.

Smoky sky…
When can admire beauty of sky again?
Is star and compatible mentioning its(the name is hobby writer recently.
Hi Sirius..!
Hi Boat Argonavis…!
Castor Pollux..dll
When again?

a friend even really cannot see sky, only seen lamps billboard.
The possession more and more submerged by effect from civilization progress. Rampant leaf destruction (& pollution of lamp?). Only one that i hopefully this sentence not useless:

"...and marks and sign-posts; and by the stars (men) guide themselves".
(An Nahl: 16)

“ It is He Who make the stars (as beacons) for you, they may guide yourselves, with their help, through the dark spaces of land and sea: We detail Our signs for people who know".
(Al An'aam: 97)

What about your place?

Genghis Khun


"Has thou not turned thy vision to thy Lord? How He doth prolong the shadow! If He willed, He could make it stationery! then do We make the sun its guide. Then We draw it in towards Ourselves, a contraction by easy stages"
Al Furqan: 45-46

Simply Magnetic compass many yielding mistake which caused by variation and deviation, result of it less trustworthy, hence me is more inclines tries other way.
Pays attention to globe scheme hereunder

The order is as follows:
- Makkah/ Kaaba stays precise in the middle circle posed at by intersection of vertical blue line and horizontal. With position of like this hence earth co-ordinate line shifts downwards and curved. Vertical blue line is Meridian, to indicate high noon at the time of Sun gets through this line.
- Angle Of The sun to earth ( declination) every day changes, shown by line of Ecliptic to ruddle accompanied by guidance date of its. Change 1 degree every DAY.
- Initial concept of determining 12 o'clock is when Sun across in Greenwich meridian. Reachs Mekkah about 09:21 GMT or 12:21 Makkah Time. But practically earth in orbitting it is encircling the speed the sun current assetiva, so that watch is not always shows 12:21 o'clock when high noon. Sometime still 12:10 or instead 12:35! This because watch is tuned based on earth average speed to encircle the sun in one year. Difference between this mean time with time which actually in names Equation of Time. The value shown by graph Equation of Time.

For example date of November 10th, graph indicates that high noon in Mekkah happened at 12:05 Time Mekkah.

- Longitudinal co-ordinate in degree. If converted to form hour follow formula 1 degree = 4 minute.

Let us starts, for example date of 2 April, position of you are in Jakarta (co-ordinate 106°51'E, 6°9'S), as follows:

1. Draws straight line from jakarta towards center of circle/ Kaaba (names line Q). Remakes line Q for circle beside, also cuts center of a circle.
2. Determines Declination and high noon of Sun (based on Equation of Time) date of 2 April. It is known like this; declination 5°N and High noon is 12:24 Makkah Time. Trajectory create according to the declination and latitude path (names with line S). If between lines Q with later proportioned, hence that day we can determine Qibla direction.
3. Simply proportioned in two points (names X and Y). If The sun pass by quickly in point of this its shadow will show Qibla direction (toward/ away) but special in line area Q only!

- First point (X) stays 84°E, east of Mekkah. What time is it?
To know it Calculate the difference longitude with Makkah as follows:
= 84° - 39,83°
= 44,17° = 177 minutes = 02:57
= 2 hours 57 minutes before high noon in Makkah (12:24)

2 hours 57 minutes before 12:24 is 09:27 o'clock (morning in Makkah).

In Jakarta (WIB) = Makkah Time + 4 hour
= 09:27 + 4 hour
= 13:27 WIB

So shadow would precisely ‘avoids' Qibla at 13:27 WIB.
As direction is the sun.

- In the same way calculate also for point of second intersection (Y);
Point Of Y resides in longitude 76°W. The difference with longitude of Makkah;
= 76° + 39,83°
= 115,83° = 463,32 minutes, = 07:43,

7 hours 43 minutes after 12:24 was 20:07 o'clock Makkah Time.

In Jakarta (WIB) = Makkah Time + 4 hour
= 20:07 + 4 hour
= 23:23 midnight WIB (enters 3 April).

In the Midnight, the sun have been sinking.

If trajectory Kiblat (Q) and the sun path not proportioned meaned that day of course the sun shadow have never shown Qibla direction, for example December in Brunei Darussalam. But in certain place on certain time, the sun/ shadow can show qibla direction twice a day!

accuration of This calculation have been checked uses computer software Accurate Times*, with few minutes difference only. Because situation Jakarta (or Indonesia) in eastside of Makkah, difference a few able to be forgiven. Differs from situation in north/ south of Makkah, difference 4 minute causes deviation as far as 1 degree = 60 nautical miles = 111,12 Km! with more carefully Calculation the result more accurate, of course.

If scheme here unable to explain you can contact me via e-mail nafanakhun@gmailcom, to get high resolution version scheme.
Hopefully useful!

Genghis Khun

* Accurate Times is one of computer software recommended by Pusat Studi Falak Muhammadiyah. (

Determination of Qibla direction with Kompas

This title ought to more complete:
Consequence of Determining Qibla direction with Kompas if without correction.

Economic's Slaves

It was told, Dul koplak is pumping his inner tube of bycicle..again and again..though the nner tube is blowbies, became puffy then shrink again slow. We will surely laugh at it, very stupid…haha..
But the problem; Dul Koplak is not an idiot and himself knows that his inner tube is puncture…

That is for example condition of we in Indonesia, grievous of course. 5 last year we striven then casts aside Rp. 100.000 for future saving, but now Rp. 100.000 doesn't mean anything because always be leaked by Dollar.

Today, yes today… we are at pains of for casts aside 1 million per month. Five years again it is possible that 1 million only for bought one portion of food!
Recurring Case and amentia. The question; what becoming barrier from the expert of economics not to soon changes Rupiah with Dinar/ Dirham which more Stable?
So Let us campaigns currency emas/ silver! Let us breaks rupiah! Campaigns if still loving Indonesia

Genghis Khun


All matters is mycompilation and own masterpiece.

If link for download has broken please contact me: nafanakhun@gmailcom. Matter will be sent via attachment.

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The Way Of Eradicating Viruses with Multiple Operating System

After playing internet in Depok Town Square new writer of nyadar that in flashdisk; file folder2 has turned into application. Sure this of viruses!
Oh no! though have been clicked some folders, mean Virus has come into system!

Lucky of My computer is multiple operating system with 6 partition;
C: Windows Xp -- is hitting by Virus
D: Windows Vista Ultimate
E: Linux Knoppix
F: Swap Linux
G: Data
H: Master

Operating system of course intentionally not to be attached anti virus software because useless. New virus surely is made to be undetected by common antivirus (ex.Norton, McAffee/ AVG), then recognized by antivirus a few weeks & its database admission after fallout victim. So Imagines when local virus come repeatedly…

Returns to case, I try PCMedia antivirus ( PCMAV), simply is not detected. It Is Important To Know PCMEDIA ANTIVIRUS is local antivirus of which is not necessarily be installed in front. The advantage by changing its name (rename), this antivirus able to be used.

Then tries ANTIVIRX, local antivirus also without installation made in ( Aha… it's working, but doesn't detect the virus, because antivirx according to its maker only special for Brontox.

I'am not promoting product, but this antivirus differs with other antivirus. If till now antivirus only click scan button then bes awaiting, Antivirx invites the consumer to think….

Plan starts compiled;
1. Formerly observes virus activity (from Windows XP is hitting by Virus)
2. Recognizes the virus file.
3. Fights against it with Antivirx or via other OS; Vista/ Linux

Then Alhamdulillah, virus surrender LESS THAN 2 HOUR(CLOCK!

Local virus Characteristic mostly likely that only, that is multiplying x'self with ‘ mask ' folder. Original folder is hidden. At one time you clicks folder .exe in flashdisk for the purpose of opening it, virus came into computer which Flashdisk connected.

Each time folder .exe is vanished will surely emerge again, because this folder is ‘the children'. So we must fight against The BOSS. This Boss file has entered REGISTRY & would automatically worked time STARTUP and during PROCESS.
This files we searching would henceforth is massacred.
The Way as follows;
1. Studies STARTUP. Start > Run > types: msconfig > enter
Sees panel startup > DISABLE of all
activity > apply
(the hypothesis; after restarts there will be which automatic active/ enable again, very possibly that is the Virus)
2. Restarts computer > admission Windows XP, then repeated step of no 1. Hard again startup becoming active/ enable by itself;
This active file name log is including location of its file.

3. Restarted again computer > other OS admission; Vista/Linux.
Browse to folder which had been noted is the then its file delete. (Remembers, this file usually hidden, thus the option folder to be unhidden beforehand.
4. Restarted again> admission Windows XP.

Implements Antivirx to follow the step guidance. There are still process is steming from the deleted folder. Marked this process and then…KILL!!
Makes perfect step hereinafter.

5. Cover antivirx, cleans child of virus. Child of virus incognitoing as folder or data (though extension .exe) usually has the same file size. The file size log and the Date Modified.
Search manual.> file searching .exe with measure and date modified. Clean!

In this way there are some advantage of multiple operating system:
1. Understands mode of action Virus.
2. Not necessarily confuse to search antivirus or waiting virus update from antivirus software.
3. Instead wished viral entrance again. Attempt create ..:)
Hopefully useful

Genghis Khun

This way applied writer to eradicate Pendekar Blank

Bes Awaiting Ruination of Music Industry

In starting by The Beatles, development of music Industry more and more enthusiastic because already happened mass alteration in its system. Era before all, to make a just song is required [by] creator, singer, komposer, other music attendant and unimportant things, so that its(the sales revenue must be assorted – almost tells– 100. While success of sale of song The beatles only in for to member of The Beatles ( 4 people) and agency producer! Big gain in perolah in a short time.

On that account agency producer starts peeps at active band band creates song x'self. Until now countless the many young childrens tried makes band and creates song x'self on the chance of strike rich. They still dreaming music industry as area of promising work.

They forget that information technology era that way fast has altered cassette means to become fistful [of] MP3. Though song feeder is having format . mp3 ( as far as writer observation) only veranda by illegal copy alias underground. Formerly to listen song Restu Bumi-Dewa must be hard difficult borrows cassette, or buys x'self, hence now just to copy/ paste file .mp3. Minjem Audio CD will? diripping formerly trus in copy of also, thus minjam not necessarily.

If(when last 10 years of cassette sales revenue a band reachs 1 million chippings, does still expecting amount which sama/ more this yearly and the next? it is possible that its(the masterpiece is extraordinary famous; because version mp3 in demand beloved, but sale of opening 0%

It is said gara-gara illegal copy problem of which is difficult is fought against, finally concert rate which must be boosted up to jack up production. So doesn't surprise if(when anda/ institution to intend delivers famous band, they is mematok rate as ! Ga can in degrading?

“ Discount may but lipsync yes? ( only motion mimiced)” so about their answer…

KANGEN band, grievous new band because his(its maiden album harvesting criticism: sissy music, marketing music, even Dhani manaf calls it cheaper than Ligna ( Ligna commonly use Dhani to call musik2 marketing)

The pengkritik may be just criticizes, but however agency producer thinks business, what which able to sold apart from marketing songs? marketing song sold to be just still thanking goodness!

Though if(when pengkritik is ordered [by] description of music with quality which like is it possible to don't know (?) For writer, measuring rod band/ singer with quality & valuable of x'self easy to only; REJECT COMES UP lipsync .

If(when a few years ago ( hitherto) happened war between illegal ploughmens with legal producer. Hence now contention extends to between legal humanities legally ( case Youtube, accusation of collision of freehold asset cipta—masih controversy–. As a middle course it is said video2 Youtube protected in order not to can be download ( for the shake of copyrights). Safe until when?)

Writer enquires, does we need to respect intellectual wealth when there are still abbatoir of intellectual organ? ( palestina)

New Paradigm; Music Opensource ( Freemusic)

Looks like software opensource thrown to marketing on the chance of improve;repaired and made perfect. And so do with music, launched dangan is accompanied [by] separate part of plus song partitur. Shelf distribution illegal or is legal doesn't com into question.

Gain of what obtained from system like this? there is no, because only satisfaction of spirit.

( Writer is remembered [by] time stress to go to kost-an Deden in having Bergota then genjrang genjreng guitar, after left nothing to be desired return again to Kintelan:P

Deden at that time chosen ngabur because still lazy of denger its(the lagu2 Led Zeppelin…hehe)

A few last years of software opensource seldom be peeped at, but now starts digandrungi. Writer anticipates condition would be same if(when Music Opensource starts rampant, as a result music industry leavs at the post ruination. The same thing also valids for film industry.

Imagines if(when 4 your composition song couplet thrown to marketing 1 month of then richer harmony by other komposer2. Then between komposer mutually agreed to meeting for a charitable concert menyanyikan the song. Public has recognized this song because they have ever render aransemen, although aransemen they finally put aside by appraisal of other public.

( Setau method writer Queen in compiling song like this, but access limited to 4 people. Sometime Brian May came then membubuhkan a few aransemen above partitur which has been made Freddy Mercuri before all, then went, other come etc.

After expressed final then is played pari pasu)

Music Opensource, dare?

( Article idea from magazine Rollingstone Juli'07 & various sources)

“I Shall Return”

This is famous utterance of general Douglas Mac Arthur when frozen out to steps back from erupting initial Philippine in World War II.

But then ally successfully grabs again islands occupied by Japan; starts from north edge of Papua, Biak, then Morotai. From Morotai this is commando post of the Jenderal until dropping of atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The same sentence said by writer one year ago ( februari 2007) when leaving this island.

Today ( Saturday, 16 Februari 2008) writer steps on foot/feet for the things at twice in more knowledgeable island either by ally than most member of Indonesia x'self.

If first visit mission is "Napak Tilas Father Footstep", hence this second times is vacation. Differs from first journey, in this second journey writer [shall] no longer too enthusiastic for soon sees ommission World War II, because most all wrecks has losed breakdown to to become scrap iron. Drawings, jeep, antiaircraft cannons etc only remains memory.

Leaves with team group survey headed by a head on duty goverment in sub-province Halmahera Utara. Differs from arrival before all, this of writer enough "bonek botheng" ( bondho nekat & bondho wetheng). From Tobelo (capital of sub-province Halmahera Utara, co-ordinate 1°44 ?N 128°00?E transportation with speed ( speed boat), with expense of Rp. 50000,- (one year last 35000 and will go up always), this voyage around one half hour. Arrives at port Daruba (capital city of Morotai island, co-ordinate 2°03?N 128°13?E around) at 13:30 WIT.

As usual functionary group, don't know personal survey or on duty, all has in arranging natty, starts from fetching & preparation for journey hereinafter. Fetching with motorbike, towards lodging. Simply place of the same lodging with occupied writer one year ago, and room;chamber for writer also same!

After putting bag in lodging, group is continuing towards countryside Tiley (co-ordinate 2°11.5?N 128°15?E rising) dinghy 2 machine, because land road(street still have not good.

Half hour then cross to Big Gele-Gele island (co-ordinate 2°12?N 128°17.5?E for) sees pearl conducting property of Hj. Fatma which is new developed [by] since May 2007 with a width of 37 Ha. Excrutiatingly…, writer wags tongue marveling sees new physical plant is built. This will surely permeate many labours, thinks writer.

Here there are case draws, really writer has forgotten that actually have ever met with Hj. Fatma! ( Really forgot), that is momentary before bolts leaves lodging one year ago, because simply ma Fatma was owner of place of the lodging at that time coincidence came when writer check out.

Nearing group dusk went(came home again to Daruba. Along the length of journey accompanied by sun bolting submerged ( sunset) in between Small Gele-Gele island bunch, Loleba, Galo-Galo Besar, Small Galo-Galo, Dodola, sea birds returning to den, dusk sky with rembulan full approximant. .( darling doesn't meet lumba-lumba). Hmm sunset which is beautiful from famous water territory with its(the marine park.

Having bath in lodging, group dijamu dinner by a consanquinity; fish guruba and mubara burning ( nyam delicious nyam).

Sunday, 17 Februari 2008

Today journey enters hinterland of island Morotai towards area SP2 Transmigran ( SP2=SATUAN PEMUKIMAN 2, co-ordinate 2°09?N 128°19?E with) time went through motorbike about 2 hour(clock from town Daruba. Having Arrived At SP2 is continued to walks as far as 4 km to enter forest to immortalize caves ex- cache of Japan army a period of PD 2. Besides also registers ommission that is still able is saved like some active bullets, helmet and 2 fruit of mortar.


Goa Jepang closed by slide, anticipated in it still many weapons and ammo ( also gold?)

Nearing re- noon again to Daruba for then go along easterly towards foreland Deheg Ila. Immortalizes coasts which suited for promotion wisata. Enunciated Morotai would soon becomes new sub-province

Rather evening uses opportunity intentionally visits 2 fruit of amphibian wreck which located in areal plantation of coconut property of one of resident.